Any restoration or remodeling project begins with a dream. It's all right to imagine anything you want. Don't let yourself get stuck in this phase because you're worried about the cost or complexity.

What are you dreaming about changing? What are you putting up with, tolerating or trying to ignore about your home? If you could transform any part of your home what would it be?


You know you've entered the creation phase when you're starting to think about how you're actually going to build and fund this project, what kinds of contractors you'll need to hire, and whether or not you can really move that wall.

Do you have a fixture or color or picture selected that evokes the changes you want to see in your home? Look for contractors, designers and architects who can help you with your vision and who have the experience to make it real.

Do you know how much of the project you want to be involved in? Professionals vary in their willingness and ability to handle the details for you. Choose someone who is flexible and who listens well, but who is willing to share their experience on other projects.


The building phase begins long before changes start to happen in your home. It begins with choosing the team that will complete your remodel.

Have you found a contractor you actually like? You want to find someone you can relax and have fun with, and be honest with about your needs during the process. What exactly is their reputation? What have you heard about them from people you trust?

Are you eager for an adventure? Decision points come up throughout the remodeling process. You want a contractor who will be a guide and a trusted partner with you throughout the process.

Visualize the outcome you want. Imagine your new room or area and yourself enjoying it. Use this image to help you select a team that can meet the challenge of building that beautiful, functional space in your home.


Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your dreams come true down to the last perfect detail. Take time to appreciate what you have accomplished and enjoy the beauty of your new space.

If you identified yourself as being in the Create or Build stages — or if you want to get a jump start into them — we'd love to talk to you about your home and the restoration or remodeling work you envision.